NEW RESOURCE! The Kids' Skills Programme!

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

A solution-focused approach to helping children overcome difficulties of all kinds.

Hello everyone!

On today's post, I would like to introduce you to an innovative programme that is so very close to my heart: Dr. Ben Furman's Kids' Skills Programme.

I first learnt about it during my master in child and adolescent psychology. I found its approach to tackle children's difficulties so refreshing and I think you might think so too!

Keep on reading if you want to discover what Kids' Skills is all is about...

What is Kids' Skills?

The Kids’ Skills programme is a playful and practical approach to solving difficulties of all kinds. By means of 15 steps covered across 8 sessions, children become interested in and motivated to learn skills and overcome their own emotional and behavioural strains with the help of a trained coach, family, friends and other people close to them.

'Kids’ Skills is fun, playful and creative! During a Kids’ Skills session, children and young people enjoy and are motivated by the process of learning new skills. As a result, Kids’ Skills helps children to become experts in their own learning.' - Ben Furman

For what ages is this programme useful?

Kids' Skills is designed for children aged four to twelve but its principles are also applicable to teenagers and even adults.

What is the basic idea behind Kids' Skills?

Adults tend to see negative conducts as symptoms of an underlying problem that needs to be treated, whereas children tend to see problems as a lack of skills that need to be learned. Kids' Skills adheres to the children’s views. This program spends little or no time on finding potential causes of their difficulties. Instead, its purpose is to encourage and help children acquire the skills they need to overcome their struggles. As the method involves recruiting family and friends to support the child, it has an impact not only on the child but on his entire social network.

Kids’ Skills is designed to be easy to learn and undertake, both for the young person and for the supportive parent.

What is special about Kids' Skills?​

The main advantage of Kids' Skills is that although children shy away from talking about their difficulties, they find learning skills enjoyable and rewarding. In addition, Kids' Skills fosters cooperation with parents by regarding them as partners and having them act as supporters for the child. Likewise, by taking part in this programe, children improve their creativity, self-confidence, resilience and independence.

'Children enjoy learning new skills' - Ben Furman

What kinds of issues can the Kids' Skills method address?

Kids' Skills is suitable for a wide range of issues, some of which often arise when adapting to a homeschooling setting. These include: fears, inappropriate conducts, concentration deficits, lack of motivation, bad habits, temper tantrums, excessive eating, sleeping, going to the toilet and so on.

One can say that Kids' Skills is suitable whenever there is a difficulty that can be solved or ameliorated by the child learning a specific skill.

Kids love Kids’ Skills!


And that's the Kids' Skills programme in a nutshell!

If you liked what you read and want enrol your child onto the programme look no further, yours truly completed her preparation back in 2020 and became a Certified Kids' Skills Coach by the Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute!

I am so excited to bring this wonderful programme to your homes! The registrations will open up soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Until then keep learning, trying and succeeding, and don't forget...

Let your dreams run wild!